Ceramic band heaters

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Ceramic band heaters


Ceramic Band Heaters are made to order to resist under more strenuous operating conditions than a Mica Heater. They have a longer service life, can reach 1500�F or 815�C Fand are repairable.

Electrical energy savings are achieved by using 1/4" thick ceramic fiber insulation. Do not hesitate to request 1/2" for a further 5 % savings on your power consumption.

✓  Plastics Industries (by injection, extrusion)
✓  Heating conduits
✓  Heating of cylindrical parts

•  Manufactured to reduce heat loss and maintain a uniform temperature
•  Manufactured with SS sheath material to resist corrosion
•  1/4" Insulation will reduce power consumption by 25 to 30% → (1/2" also available)
•  Thermocouple holes on demand
•  Single or three-phase
•  Dual voltage
•  Partial Heater
•  Special configuration
•  Etc.

Ceramic band heaters termination types


Ceramic band heaters closure styles

Air Cool Ceramic


The Air Cool Ceramic band heaters are manufactured at Volton and provide maximum cooling efficiency where high temperature is required, such as for an extrusion process. All Ceramic Bands can be repaired.

An aluminum perforated shroud is used to hold the heater in place and to permit dispersion of the blown air onto the heater and the barrel.

Once the Shroud is installed a savings of 28% is reached.

✓  They are used in the blowing procedure of blown film

•  Made to order
•  Ceramic Air Cool Heaters are manufactured with a perforated sheath to permit better ventilation, without which more watts per square inch would be required.
•  Voltage: 120V to 600V single or three-phase
•  Dual voltage option also available
•  Screw Terminals with Ceramic Caps as insulator