Mica band and strip heaters

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Mica Band heaters


For the past 45 years, Volton has manufactured custom mica band heaters at its Montreal-North factory.

Insulated ceramic band heaters

Volton can also supply its customers with insulated ceramic band heaters which can be installed below the band heater resulting in an energy savings of 8%.

About mica band heaters

✓  Plastic industry (injection and extrusion molding)
✓  Heating pipes
✓  Heating all cylindrical parts


•  Thermocouple holes
•  Cut-outs
•  Oddly shaped holes
•  Mounting holes

•  Custom configurations available
•  Dual voltage
•  Ground terminal or wire
•  Thermocouple holes
•  Cut-outs
•  Oddly shaped holes
•  Mounting holes
•  Built-in thermocouple
•  Thermocouple adaptor 1/8NPT, 1/4NPT, M12x1.75, 3/8-19BSPP
•  Straps on demand
•  Internal Mica Band Heater → terminals exiting on internal sheath
•  Etc.

Mica band heaters type


barrel-nuts mica bandBARREL-NUTS


1Determine the inside diameter of your band heater as accurate as possible. A error of only 1/4" in the diameter measurement can make a difference of 3/4" on the circumference.

2Tighten the screws of the Barrel-Nuts or Tabs, then tapping gently with a soft mallet along the circumference to insure that the band heater is snug onto your cylinder. After a few minutes of heating re-tighten the heater.

3Use several narrow width (1 ½" to 3.0") band heaters rather than one large one. A intensive study has shown that small narrow band heaters offer a more efficient rate of heat transfer and a longer lifespan.

4To insure that the internal electrical insulation of the band heater is not damaged, it is recommended to chose a two section (or two half-moon) heater if the cylinder on which it will be install needs to be opened too excessively (usually diameters over 16.0").

5The cylinder, on which the band heater will be installed, needs to be clean at the moment of installation. It is also important to avoid the accumulation of plastic residue on the cylinder.

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Mica strip heaters


The mica plate heaters are made to your specifications at our manufacturing plant and offer an excellent thermal conductivity or heat transfer. Certain plate heaters of a certain thickness can be repaired.

✓  Flat area parts heating
✓  Food cooking and hot food conservation
✓  Vulcanization
✓  Outside panels heating
✓  Office Heating
✓  Packing equipment and other industrial applications

•  Thermocouple Holes
•  Cut-Outs
•  Special shaped holes (if needed)
•  Mounting Holes

•  Circular
•  Triangular
•  Trapezoidal
•  Other Shapes

•  Manufactured with aluminized steel (standard) or S/S
•  With pressure plate to eliminate heater waving once in use
•  Available in different thichnesses
•  Single or three phase
•  Maximum operating temperature → 600ºF (315°C)
•  Also available with a ground and/or integrated thermocouple
•  With fold-overs to avoid any sort of contamination
•  Etc.

Mica strip heaters termination type

1The heated area has to be clean with no residue and have a flat surface.

2It is very important that the strip heater is installed in "sandwich" between 2 pressure strips or strongly tightened with a mounting screw to avoid the creation of air pockets between the strip heater and the pressure strips insure a better heat transmission Volton manufactures on demand those strips with the thickness you wish in order to incorporate them to your strip heaters.

3Verify the thickness of the strip heater on the heated area after the first heat and tighten again if needed.

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