Thermocouples and control systems

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Thermocouples Spacer Temperature controllers Spacer Temperature control modules Spacer Hot runner

Thermocouples and control systems
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Volton manufactures thermocouples and RTD sensors which are available in a wide range of configurations.


•  Type J → (iron and constantan)
•  Type K → (chromel and alumel)
•  Type T → (copper and constantan)
•  RTD Pt100Ω
•  RTD Pt1000Ω


•  PVC → (-40 � 105�C / -40� � 220�F)
•  Teflon → (-267 � 260�C / -450 � 500�F)
•  Fiberglass → (-73 � 482�C / -100 � 900�F)
•  Kapton → (-269 � 315�C / -167 � 600�F)


•  Bare end
•  Standard or mini male plug
•  Spade lugs


•  Single grounded
•  Single ungrounded
•  Single exposed (without sensor)

•  An Epoxy seal is recommended when thermocouples are in a contaminated or humid environment
•  The protective coating is offered either in Braided Leads or in (BX)
•  Sensor is either Grounded (standard) or Ungrounded (isolated)

Thermocouples models

Thermocouples color chart

Thermocouples stock

Temperature controllers


We are distributing both rfk and shinko products.

Here are the 2 series offered by shinko :

Common specifications :

- Manual control
- Large size DEL display
- Protective construction NEMA 4X
- Safety certification : units are certified for UL, CUL, and CE
- Manufactured with ISO standards and a 3 years warranty

PID mode auto-settings :

All standard units involve a PID with auto-settings of 3rd generation. This specification makes programming easier.

Temperature controller JC CHARACTERISTICS :

•  Structural: The units are available in three different standard sizes → (1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN)
•  Multiple Entries → 10 types of thermocouples, RTD type, 2 Current entries and 4 Voltage entries.
•  Programmable Alarm → (contact relay 3A max): all units have one alarm with the option to have a second alarm.

Temperature controller JC CHARACTERISTICS :

•  Structural: dimension 1/32 DIN
•  Multiple entries: the units have a multiple entry capacity
→ 5 thermocouple types and 1 RTD type
•  Temperature and loop break alarm → (24 VDC 0.1 A max)

Stock controller

Temperature control modules


S20-D3C model

The S20-D3C model is a microprocessors involving a wide range of diagnostic and operational functions.


•  Automatic or manual operation
•  Avanced anti-arcing to protect modules
•  Soft start → linear rise of the temperature
•  Amperage and measurement display
•  Adaptive auto tuning PID of fuzzy logic (for precision and reliability)
•  Manual control for non thermocouple application
•  Compatible with all main frames of 15 or 30 amps


the model displays temperature, amps, percent of power, as well as various error codes
such as :
•  Shorted thermocouple
•  Open thermocouple
•  Reverse themocouple
•  Shorted triac
•  Open triac or heater
•  Over current condition


•  Manual operation
•  Soft Start
•  High / low temp → (+/- 30 F)
•  Power output to the mold
•  Blown fuse
•  Temperature range in Fahrenheit or Celsius
•  J or K type thermocouple indicator
•  Amp measurement and display

Model UATC-20

The UATC-20 model is a complete microprocessor that was designed for a Hot Runner temperature control application when diagnostics or advanced operations feature requests are required.

An interesting characteristic of this model is the capacity to display the amperage of the heat application in use.


•  All the functions and parameters are available from the menu on the keyboard
•  Display of the power percentage in use.
•  Automatic or manual function
•  Anti-arc installation to protect the modules
•  Soft start → linear rise from room temperature
•  Standby mode
•  Self-adjusting PID control or Fuzzy Logic for accuracy and reliability
•  Panel lock-out → (On-Off)
•  Front panel with electrical insulation
•  Operating voltage → 240V, 50/60 Hz ou 120V
•  Switching to zero
•  This model is compatible with housings of 15 and 30 amps
•  Amperage measurement and display


•  Ground error issue
•  Amperage too high
•  Defective heating element
•  High and low temperature
•  Blown fuse indicator

•  Shorted mode
•  Disconnected
•  Reverse hook-up


•  Triac shortage
•  Open triac
•  Defective heating element
•  High temperature or amperage

•  High voltage thermocouple protection
•  Audible alarm
•  Protection against high voltage

Main Frame for temperature controller


The housing (Main Frames) for the temperature controller TC-2000 and all of its components are user friendly and ease of maintenance, with the added feature of being very reliable. The module design adapts to constant modifications in the industrial environment.

With functions at the cutting edge of technology, affordable pricing and a two year guarantee, these housings represent a good investment that will help reduce production costs and less production down time.

Volton can supply cables for these Main frames, plugs, harness housings and connector assemblies.

Main frame models

Hot runner


A state of the art Hot Runner temperature controller.

Visions 3000 Control System is a forward thinking temperature controller at a reasonable price for Hot Runners. It is designed for simplified use, reliable, durable, multilingual and to insure a precise temperature control.

All the functions of the Vision 3000 control have the flexibility to operate efficiently and economically, either in small or large production environments which have centralized manufacturing processes of high cavitation.

These days molders need the best technical solutions to reach accurate temperatures. Our ATC (Adaptive Thermal Control) is a tool that supplies auto-regulating algorithm�s, which adapt to various molding installations.

Our controller system Vision 3000 includes also a Power Temperature Comparator which indicates a comparative graph that has a priceless value for an optimal mold operation.

Control panel hot runner


Volton offers our expertise to supply a control panel that best adapts your needs.

We also carry in stock a various range of prefabricated panels at competitive prices. All our panels are supplied with a main disconnect that is lockable, which gives you the flexibility to install your panel seperately from your main disconnect switch.

Control panel stock