Ceramic heating pad

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Manufactured with 80/20 nichrome heating wire (NiCr80/20) and high Alumina ceramic beads (electrical insulation and heat transfer), ceramic pad heaters are designed for pre and post weld heat treatment.  Pre-heating steel prior to welding is done to slow down the cooling time of the welding zone and thus helps to prevent fissuring.

Ceramic pad heaters offer high temperature resistance and efficient thermal conductivity.  These attributes make them a flexible and polyvalent solution that can be used in many applications and on a wide variety of surface types.  They function efficiently whether they are used in a curved or flat application (ceramics are radiant), and are available in custom size, voltage and power configurations. 



  • High grade sintered alumina ceramic beads
  • High Resistance to Thermal and Physical Shock
  • 80/20 nickel cold tail wire.
  • Flexibility and high heat transfer


  • Highly durable for extended life
  • Low annual repair costs
  • Volton repairs pad heaters regardless of the original manufacturer.


  • For pre and post weld heat treatment
  • For any rounded surface needing heat treatment.
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