Mica plate heaters

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3D Drawing configuration tool

Volton offers you the possibility to create your 3D plate heater and send it to us! We encourage you to follow the tutorial to help you get the best of this tool : https://voltondesign.com/


Mica plate heaters are manufactured custom made at our plant since 50 years and offer excellent thermal conductivity. Mica plate heaters with pressure plates are repairable.

  • Special configurations available : Triangular, trapezoidal, U-shaped, plates, etc.
  • Made from aluminized steel (ensuring better heat transfer) or from stainless steel
  • Standard 3/16’’ thickness
  • Pressure plates available : 1/8', 1/4' or 1/2' (to avoid plate rippling with use)
  • Maximum operating temperature of 600 F
  • Even heat (more density at the ends if needed)
  • Monophased or three-phased
  • Double voltage  if requested
  • Also available with grounding and built-in thermocouple
  • With fold-over ends to avoid risk of contamination
  • Special cold areas
  • Thermocouple holes
  • Notches
  • Mounting holes
  • Irregular shaped holes


  • Flat surface parts heating
  • Food cooking and hot food preservation
  • Vulcanization
  • Outer panels heating (Strip heaters)
  • Cabinet heater
  • Wrapping equipment and many other industrial applications

Termination types



Type K

One post terminal at each end

  Type L

Two post terminals at one end


Type M

Terminal box *


Type N

High temperature leads protected by a spring at one end


 Type O

Two separate high temperature leads at one end

Type P

One high temperature leads at each end

* Connection boxes on next tab



Stainless steel braid (SSB) Armor cable (BX)


  1. The heated area has to be clean with no residue and have a flat surface.
  2. It is very important that the strip heater is installed in "sandwich" between 2 pressure strips or strongly tightened with a mounting screw to avoid the creation of air pockets between the strip heater and the pressure strips insure a better heat transmission Volton manufactures on demand those strips with the thickness you wish in order to incorporate them to your strip heaters.
  3. Verify the thickness of the strip heater on the heated area after the first heat and tighten again if needed.


Standard box with post terminals :


1 phase

2' x 2' x 1,75'


 3 phases

3,25' x 2,5' x1,75'


Junction box:

2' x 2' x 1,75'


European plug:


On the top

1,94' x 1,02' x 2,6'


 On the side

2,73' x 1,58' x 1,02'



1,73' x 1' x 0,97'


Horizontal 3 pins plug:

2,35' x 1,48' x 2,62'

Vertical 3 pins plug:

2,25' x 1,20' x 2,30'

Low profile box:

1,42' x 1,75' x 0,45'

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