Insulation collar for band heaters

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Volton is the only company in the North American territory to have launched a line of reusable insulating collars for mica band heaters.

We can manufacture all possible configurations, right in our shop.

The latter are applied directly to different types of barrels in the field of extrusion.


The benefits:

  • Significant reduction in heat loss.
  • Life service of band heaters is increased, as they work less hard to reach and maintain operating temperature.
  • Protect band heaters from contamination and damages.
  • Easy to install construction leaving enough space in between barrel and insulation for band heaters and accessories.
  • Energy costs savings
  • Lower degree of heat and discomfort for employees working near the equipments.



  • Manufactured in 2 sections with double lining to support insulation.
  • Stainless steel assembly with reduction of thermal bridges from the inside to the outside
  • Ceramic fibers high temperature insulation
  • Quick release closure
  • Custom openings for connections, sensors, etc.
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