Process Duct Heaters

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Volton has been standing out for more than two decades in manufacturing and reconditioning process duct heaters for high temperature industrial applications up to 1200°C.

The cost of refurbishing is worth it as brand new duct heaters are very expensive.

By lengthening the service life of those units, we are right in line with our eco-responsible commitment. Very often, our engineering team manages to improve design and heating efficiency.

Designed with either heating ribbons, coils or tubular elements, process duct heaters are used in heat treatment of metals and high temperature convection heating.

  • Custom-built with either:

- NiCr 80/20 heating ribbon
- NiCr 80/20 heating coils or Kanthal A-1
-  Incoloy tubular elements

Discover our range of open coil elements, wires, and heating ribbons that we offer at Volton. For detailed information on these essential industrial heating products, we invite you to visit this page.

  •  Formed large gauge ribbon or coil elements designed with ceramic insulators and built on robust stainless-steel frames.
  • Repair facilitating the subsequent refurbishment of the heating elements (Duct heaters can be repaired several times).
  • We offer reconditioning (heating elements/insulators/insulation) of duct heaters from any source.
  • Voltages from 240V to 600V


Explore further our industrial heating solutions by taking a look at our range of metallic ribbon heater elements. You can find detailed information about these products by visiting this page.


  • Ovens that require air forced circulation or recirculated air (convection heating).
  • Industrial high temperature process heating (Ex. Heat treatment: Metal curing, homogeneization, etc).
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