Bayonet heating elements

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Bayonet heating elements are one of the star products in our high-temperature product line. Made to measure at Volton since the early 2000's, just one try will convince you of their high quality.

Also called Tubothal heating elements, these can be used horizontally or vertically in all types of ovens. They can be installed directly in floating air, or inside a radiant pipe when the environment is corrosive.

  • Designed for very high temperatures (2150°F)
  • Hanging or Horizontal configuration with or without radiant tubes.
  • Nickel/chrome or iron/aluminum/chrome rods
  • Exterior diameter of the ceramics 3 to 9"
  • Operating at low voltage & high power


We find bayonet elements in ovens, generally used for thermic treatment.

  • Tempered steel ovens
  • Aluminum homogenization ovens
  • Medical and industrial incineration
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