Why the switch to ½’’ insulation on ceramic band heaters?

Why the switch to ½’’ insulation on ceramic band heaters?

Discover the benefits & our tests results!

We made 3 ceramic band heaters ranging from medium to high wattage whose only difference was their thermal insulation:


  • One with 1/4" thick ceramic fiber paper insulation (the standard insulation for many years);
  • Another with 2 x 1/4" thick ceramic fiber paper for a 1/2" total (½’’ non-existant with this product);
  • The third one with ceramic wool, 1” compressed to ½” thick (band of the middle on the photo).


The bands were then mounted on a steel cylinder and heated up to 260°C in 20 minutes. Measuring the outer sheath of each band, here’s a heat depletion estimate:


  • The two bands with 1/2" insulation had 30% less heat loss than the 1/4" insulation.
  • The ceramic wool, not having a bonding agent, did not produce smoke and remained white. This is why we chose that option to double the band’s insulation.


Other benefits:

  • Equipment operating temperature reached faster;
  • Colder outer sheath of the band by approximately 100°C;
  • Longer service life of the ceramic bands.

Increasing the insulation thickness helps increase the operation temperature of the band. For your band to last even longer,
you can also reduce the power a little. A 3.5% reduction would be sufficient. I.E.: Go from 12 600W to 12 150W.


Additional benefits if you combine a ½’’ insulation to a lower wattage:

  • Less maintenance shutdowns & increase in productivity;
  • Decrease in energy peaks.

Ceramic band heater  


On our test bench: The middle band contains the 1/2" ceramic wool insulation that we have chosen. Please note that normally, the insulation is not visible when you receive your band heaters, it was only for testing purposes.






Do not forget that energy savings also depend on the complete design and conditions of use.


Into the blog Mica band heaters vs ceramic band heaters, we suggested that mica allowed higher wattages. With the ½’’, insulation, without increasing the wattage, you’ll reach the requested temperature in due time, while having a product that lasts. Now is the time to seriously consider that option, less expensive in various costs.


Guess what? You can ask for up to 1¨ insulation. Imagine the energy costs savings!

Starting April 1st, 2023, for all new designs, your ceramic band heater will feature the ½¨ insulation, a ¼” difference in thickness. All the old drawings will remain with a ¼” insulationunless you request a modification.


Ceramic bands can be repaired, no matter the original manufacturer and cost 30% less than a new one.