History and commitment

Volton manufacturing Ltd: A tradition of excellence

Volton is a family owned and operated business.  It was amongst the first manufacturers of Industrial Heating Elements in North America.  Its products and custom designs have a well established reputation for high quality that has endured over the span of several decades.  As such, it continues to position itself as a market leader in its industry and keeps its focus on excellence for the future.

A little bit of history

Volton was founded in 1971 by Frank Rudoletsky, a Swiss-German native whose professional work and thorough technical approach helped build a solid foundation for the young company.  He later began mentoring Jacques Mayer, a graduate in Electricity from the Polytechnique Engineering University who was to become the sole owner and CEO of Volton from 1991 to 2020.

Today, Julie Beauregard-Mayer (Jacques’s daughter) is Volton’s General Manager.  She has worked her way up through the last 20 years in the company, from the production floor to sales Director before taking on her new strategic position.

She honors the legacy of her predecessors while at the same time pursuing contemporary goals that are dear to the current Voltonian spirit such as:

  • Providing personalized heating solutions and technical advices
  • Keeping Energy Efficiency at the forefront and always opting for the appropriate solution(s) to optimise the performance and longevity (life cycle) of our elements.
  • Designing and building products in accordance with our Eco-responsible commitments, pursuing durable excellence with the protection of our environment in mind.
  • Relentlessly innovating.


Our Mission is aligned with our philosophy:

Design, build and/or distribute high performance, innovative and Eco-Friendly Industrial Heating solutions & products while offering the superior service and technical expertise that Volton is known and recognized for.