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Coil Heaters are designed to reach high temperatures on a reduced surface by direct contact on varied forms. They are easy to install and remove, plus coil heaters are completely sealed.

  • Nickel-chrome resistance wire in a SS321 stainless steel sheath, also available in brass
  • May be round or flat (A flat coil ensures better heat transfer)
  • Mini coil heaters are also available round or flat
  • Voltage: 120V to 600V Single phase
  • Choice of lengths of heated and unheated zones
  • Fiberglass leads are standard. Protection such as braided metal sleeving, teflon or armor cable are available upon request.


  • Integrated Thermocouple Type J or K
  • S/S Strap offered on Mini Coils
  • Ground Wire
  • Sleeve in stainless steel braid, armor cable or fiberglass.
  • The coils can be made flat and then formed to your specifications.


  • Molding by injection for parts with thin walls
  • Packing
  • Nozzles with stick and small nozzles that require high temperature
  • Flat cylindrical parts or particular shapes
  • Pipe heaters


1. Do not fold any area already folded and do not force the shaft into a bent position (cold part of the element).

2. A new straight fold needs to have a minimum ¼" radius (Folding too squarely could damage or break the element).

3. The coil heater needs to be positioned in perfect contact metal against metal with the part to be heated to avoid any air pockets that could easily burn the element.


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