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Over-molded elements, better known as « cast-in » are renowned for their unbeatable service life. They supply high heat and uniform surface temperature.


  • Tightening collars
  • Thermocouple holes
  • Terminals (standard), box or explosion proof box.
  • Epoxy sealing (for use in humid environment)
  • Voltage: 12V to 600V single-phase or three-phase
  • Cast-ins are tubular elements over-molded in aluminum or bronze.
  • The most common shapes: cylinders, plates, rings. Other shapes are available on demand.
  • Aluminum is ideal for applications up to 750oF (400oC), while bronze is designed for applications up to 1100oF (595oC)
  • The cylinders and plates can be made with the following options: liquid cooling or air cooling.
  • In air cooling, the cast-ins have fins to speed up cooling.
  • Etc.
  • Food industry baking
  • Bags and containers sealing
  • Press heating
  • Polymer profiles weld
  • Mold heating of all kinds
  • Extrusion of plastic and rubber
  • Etc.
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