Air cooling ceramic band heaters & shroud

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This product is used in applications requiring heating and cooling. Adding a stainless steel shroud strengthens the ceramic band heaters enabling a substantial 30% energy saving when cooling. This proves an inexpensive alternative in comparison to aluminum cast-in.

Applications :

  • Currently used in blown-film process
  • Blow molding
  • Any application requiring heating and cooling.


  • Ceramic band heaters or Air cool being less solicited (quick response, excellent heat transfer and insulation) last longer.
  • Custom made at Volton to suit your needs.
  • Ceramic band heaters can be full (if higher wattage is needed) or with holes (commonly called Air cool, to ensure better ventilation)
  • Nickel-chrome 80/20 heating wire reaching higher temperatures than 60/15 (traditionally used) ensuring longer product life.
  • Connection box with threaded terminals
  • Durable collar and repairable ceramic bands
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Safe for your employees


  • They are used in the blowing procedure blown film
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