Metallic Ribbon heating elements

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Volton manufacture all shapes of high temperature ribbons for ovens.


The larger gauges made from wire or strip allows for a process temperature that reaches closer to the limits of the alloy (close to 1200°C or 2192° F).

Built to specification according to your needs.

Nickel-chrome ribbon 80/20 or Kanthal A-1.

We also refurbish your ovens and propose improvements when appropriate.


If you're already interested in our range of metallic ribbon heater elements, we invite you to explore our process duct heaters, a top-quality industrial heating solution. Please visit this page for more information.


  • Metal quenching ovens
  • Annealing ovens
  • Metal curing ovens
  • Heat treatment ovens (Homogeneization, etc.)
  • Etc.
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