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3D Drawing configuration tool

Volton offers you the possibility to create your 3D band heater and send it to us! We encourage you to follow the tutorial to help you get the best of this tool : https://voltondesign.com/


  • Special designs available: Cone-shaped bands, partial bands, inner bands (terminals coming out from internal face of the band), etc.
  • 3 Phases
  • Double voltage
  • Flexible band
  • Even heat (Hotter at band’s ends)
  • Integrated thermocouple
  • With hinge (fold at 180 degrees from opening on frequently uninstalled bands.)
  • Ground wire
  • Thermocouple holes
  • Slots
  • Irregular shapes
  • Mounting holes
  • Thermocouple adaptor 1/8NPT, 1/4NPT, M12x1.75, 3/8-19BSPP
  • Straps on demand
  • Etc.


  • Heating all cylindrical parts
  • Heating pipes
  • Injection and extrusion molding

Termination types

One section


Type A

One post terminal on each side

  Type B

Two post terminals on the same side


Type C

Spring over the leads


Type D

Terminal box


 Type T (Nozzle)

Leads exit on the top of the band



Two sections

Type F

Four post terminals at the end


 Type G

Two post terminals on each side


Type H

Spring over the leads on both section 


 Type J

Terminal box on both side



Stainless steel braid (SSB) Armor cable (BX)


Determine the inside diameter of your band heater as accurately as possible. A error of only 1/4" in the diameter measurement can make a difference of 3/4" on the circumference.

Tighten the screws of the Barrel-Nuts or Tabs, then tap gently with a soft mallet along the circumference to insure that the band heater is snug onto your cylinder. After a few minutes of heating re-tighten the heater.

Use several narrow width (1 ½" to 6") band heaters rather than one large one. A intensive study has shown that small narrow band heaters offer a more efficient rate of heat transfer and a longer lifespan.

To ensure that the internal electrical insulation of the band heater is not damaged, it is recommended to choose a two section (or two half-moon) heater if the cylinder on which it will be installed needs to be opened wide excessively (usually diameters over 10").

The cylinder on which the heater bands will be installed needs to have a smooth and clean surface. It is also important to avoid the accumulation of plastic residue or other contaminant on the cylinder.


Standard box with post terminals :


1 phase

2' x 2' x 1,75'


 3 phases

3,25' x 2,5' x1,75'


Junction box:

2' x 2' x 1,75'


European plug:


On the top

1,94' x 1,02' x 2,6'


 On the side

2,73' x 1,58' x 1,02'



1,73' x 1' x 0,97'


Horizontal 3 pins plug:

2,35' x 1,48' x 2,62'

Vertical 3 pins plug:

2,25' x 1,20' x 2,30'

Low profile box:

1,42' x 1,75' x 0,45'


  Barrel nuts
  Quick latch & trunion

To quickly install and uninstall a band. When there is a lot of handling with the equipment.

  Wedges lock up

Exclusively for internal band heaters. The wedge lock-up makes it possible to maintain a constant tension between the external envelope of the heater and the surface to be heated.

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