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Silicon Carbide Heating Elements are used in many settings, mainly for heat treatment, baking, fusing and metal, glass or ceramic maintenance.

Those elements can be used in temperatures up to 2 912 ° F (1 600 ° C) and are available in a range of configurations and various styles.

Installed horizontally or hung, they sure are versatile and easy to maintain.

The elements are sometimes provided with a spiral in the hot zone, bringing an electrical resistance ratio to cool off the ends and heat up the hot zone. In order to supply a low resistance contact surface, the ends are metallized with aluminum.

The electrical connections are made with flat aluminum braids and spring clamps in spiral-shaped elements or braided aluminum straps for a rod-shaped element. .

To order, please indicate the overall length, the heating section length, the diameter and OHMS required for your application.

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