Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency at the heart of our practice!

When a process or machine needs a high temperature, the electric heating element is the ideal choice, especially since it is a clean solution! The different types of elements and their options allow you to target exactly where the heat is needed, which opens the door to smaller systems without sacrificing their performance!

Efficiency, or doing more with less, is a growth multiplier for any business.

This is all about choosing the right type of heating element for you app. Too often, the heating elements installed are not the right type for your equipment and the goals you want to achieve in terms of productivity.

Energy efficiency also requires thermal insulation of heating elements and hot parts of machines and systems. This is all the more important when the operating temperature is high. Reducing heat loss can improve working conditions in the factory, especially during heatwaves. See our insulating collars or  insulating blankets.

Efficiency also requires the proper design and control of heating elements. Too much power in watts leads to a higher temperature than necessary inside the elements, reducing their service life. Excess power can also require more expensive oversized electrical equipment and increase power consumption spikes.


Volton manufacturing can help you use your heaters more efficiently in a variety of ways.

Our custom products also include fast-installed insulator assemblies to ease the maintenance of the elements they cover.

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