What do we do for the Environment?

Volton has joined a small group of one hundred or so companies in the province of Quebec, Canada that have reached - or are in the process of obtaining - Level 2 called «Performance» of the Eco-responsible Certification.

Since the early 1990s, Volton has been repairing heating elements when possible, pushing the idea of a sustainable business model and helping its customers to partially eliminate waste.  Getting an Eco-responsible certification made perfect sense for Volton and it really was like second-nature for the company.

Here are some concrete measures that Volton has implemented to the benefit of our planet and clients:

  • Each year, as a result of our technical assistance and cost saving analysis, many of our clients change their source of energy from Propane to Electricity; an Eco-Friendly solution.
  • Energy consumption efficiency is at the heart of every sale or design that we do. Our application specific recommendations allow our clients to choose the heater that is best suited for the intended purpose.  In many cases, this can lead to substantial energy savings, or a longer life span for the elements, or both.
  • Reduction of waste: We believe in longevity and in the reduction of waste.  This has a tangible impact on how we approach the design and manufacture of our products.  Driven by our continuous improvement philosophy, our engineering team analyzes and determines the cause of failures when they occur earlier than expected/average.  Designs and procedures are improved when applicable.
  • Another way that Volton helps to reduce waste is through the transfer of knowledge to its clients.  As an example, we firmly believe that aiming for the lowest required power density is the superior choice: It reduces power requirements (peaks) as well as lengthens the life cycle of the elements (they work for longer uninterrupted sequences, but at lower core temperatures than higher powered elements for the same heat yield). We also encourage the use of insulation: It reduces energy waste, and prevents the increase of the ambient temperature in the working environment.
  • We build products that are mostly recyclable: Electric Heater Bands, like the vast majority of the other products that we manufacture, are mostly built with metallic components.  As such, they can easily be recycled.  We encourage our clients to implement recycling habits (If they don’t already do it).
  • We are the only company in our field on the North-American continent to have introduced a stainless steel reusable insulation collar for heater bands.  We also promote the use of insulation in the form of blankets.  And if you use ceramic band heaters, opting for ½’’ insulation instead of the standard ¼’’ really helps as well.
  • Repair/refurbishment: Volton repairs any heating element whenever possible, regardless of the manufacturer or provenance.  Heating elements, aside from mica heating bands, can usually be repaired many times.  Ceramic band heaters and duct heaters are common examples of this, but many other types of heaters can also be repaired.  This usually involves the replacement of the coils, the replacement of broken/soiled ceramics (if any) and of the insulating material.
  • Likewise, when most of the components in a heating element have exhausted their last chances for repair, we try nonetheless to keep all that can be salvaged without compromising the quality of the new build.  This - again- avoids unnecessary waste.
  • Volton is proud to have implemented a free pick-up service for the repair of ceramic band heaters within a 50 Km radius from our plant.  We only ask that pick-ups be requested only when reasonable quantities are available for repair.  We can also pick-up unused obsolete heating bands. 
  • Waste elimination is a constant preoccupation in our manufacturing process, and any consumption of raw materials is forethought and approached in a way that minimizes the occurrence of waste.
  • If you have purchased from Volton before, you may have noticed that we package our products in pre-used boxes…for the last 30 years, we have been doing this; saving avoidable costs and sparing trees along the way…

Every action, be it significant or apparently too small to matter, actually makes a difference.  Our employees understand this.  Many times every year, our Eco-Responsible committee holds meetings to keep Volton’s durable strategies on track and to improve them wherever possible. 

You can count on us!