What do we do for the Environment?

The band heaters and most of the elements we produce are made from metal, therefore recyclable. We would like you to join in, by implementing metal recycling bins in your plant.


Volton is Ecocert certified.

Knowing that since the early 90’s, we already repaired many types of heating elements; becoming Ecoresponsible was second nature to us.

Here are many specific measures that benefit the planet and our clients:

  • Each year, many clients choose to replace their Propane equipment for a clean energy, Electricity; knowing they will be more efficient in terms of their heating.
  • Energy consumption efficiency is at the heart of our concerns. Leading our clients toward the right type of heating element with a custom design for the intended application is in our DNA. This leads to substantial energy savings for our clients.
  • Our R&D department focuses on projects with ecological added value.
  • Reduction: Volton make a wide range of heating elements and pursue their goal of continued improvement towards the duration of their elements, through end-of-service-life analysis and recommendations; resulting in new practices, if necessary.
  • Reducing also involves client's awareness, aiming to decrease the wattage of their elements without compromising productivity. Wattage reduction will increase service life as the element produces heat for a shorter time. The surrounding environment and your employees also benefit.  
  • We are the only North-American company in our field to have introduced a stainless steel reusable insulation collar for heater bands.  We encourage our clients to use an insulation in the form of blankets for further benefits.
  • For ceramic band heaters, we make them with a standard ½" thick insulation instead of ¼", resulting in 30% energy savings. Discover the other advantages!
  • Reuse: Volton repairs any heating element whenever possible, regardless the original manufacturer.  
  • We are now the only ones in the province of Quebec to repair open coil heating elements.
  • All our elements, if unrepairable, are recyclable in your metal bin.
  • Whenever an element has reached the end of its service life and/or cannot be repaired, we often reuse components that can be salvaged.
  • Many of our products are made with ceramic. The ceramic elements that cannot be repaired are dismantled and the ceramic bricks reduced to powder, helping landfills neutralize the smell with it.
  • Volton has implemented a free pick-up service for the repair of your ceramic band heaters, as well as your new unused bands, which for any reason, you won’t need in the future. Making sure we don’t release too many GHG, of course!
  • We also optimize the cutting of our materials and when necessary, recycle our wastes.
  • Have you noticed the heating elements you receive are always wrapped in recycled bubble-wrap and shipped in recycled boxes?

Any gesture, big or small do count! Throughout the year, our Ecoresponsible comittee meet to add new actions. 

You can count on us!